Paul Maza

was born and raised in Valencia, Venezuela where he played baseball from the time he was three years old. He earned a baseball scholarship at 18 and was given the chance to come to the states to play ball. Paul traveled around the United States playing baseball throughout his four years of college until he graduated with a degree in Physical Education. Paul is a natural born athlete with extreme competiveness in his blood. Fitness, health and physical activity is his life. Being an athlete has taught Paul great discipline and has kept him focused on striving to become better in all aspects of his life. Paul knows from experience how difficult it is to stay motivated when times get tough. Throughout his many years of playing baseball he learned just how important it was to have an encouraging coach by your side pushing you and helping you to stay focused on the ultimate goal. Becoming a personal trainer for him has been such an amazing adventure. Teaching others the importance of a healthy life style is what he loves to do. His main goal is to help his clients learn how to eat clean, train hard and to push their body and their mind to achieve their full potential.


Physical Education Degree

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

CPR/AED First Aid Certified