Angela White

My name is Angie and I joined Gold’s gym back in December of 2012, but really didn’t start getting serious and doing personal training until April 2013. I was sick of where I was in my life physically and suffering from lack of energy. When I decided to start personal training sessions with Paul Maza here at my Gold’s Gym in Lawrenceville, I explained to him what my goals were. He helped me by pushing me to strive for my personal best, encouraging me and giving me the tools necessary to be a better ME. Through better eating habits and working out I am happy to say that at this 7 month milestone, I feel better than I have since 2009 and have lost numerous pounds and inches. I have more energy than anyone else at work and they are always asking me what to do and how to feel better themselves. I keep up great now with my 10 yr old son and even work out with my college age son as well. I feel very blessed to have met Paul as well as all the other helpful staff members at my Gold’s Gym. My fitness journey has only just begun and I feel very enthusiastic about my fitness future !! Thanks Paul and my Gold’s Gym for helping me become and stay healthy and happy !!