IMG_3714Maria Guerrero

At the beginning of this year my husband asked me if I wanted to start working out with a personal trainer. First I wasn’t very motivated but realizing that I needed to do something about my weight and health, I agreed. When they introduced Paul Maza as my new personal trainer I wasn’t sure if it would work due to the difference in age. After a few sessions with him, I realized that I was in the hands of a fitness expert. He worked patiently with me according to my fitness level (which was none!) and at the same time he pushed my body to exercise in ways I thought I couldn’t do. After training with him for 3 months and 20 pounds lighter I can say that Paul not only helped me get in a better shape physically, but my health improved dramatically and he also helped me to stay motivated to reach my goal. I highly recommend Paul Maza as a personal trainer!